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The September of every year is one of the most anticipated months for gamers for it is in September that EA annually releases a new version of its most beloved game- FIFA. With 19 editions gone and September already underway, FIFA 20 is one of the much-awaited games at the moment in the gaming community. The official release date is set for the 24th of September but the demo version of the game has already been made available from the 10th of September. FIFA being one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time, the hype for the 2020 version of the same is completely justified and it goes without saying that it is bound to be one of the most successful and grossing games for the next whole year. So, what’s new in the Fifa 20 Free Coins field? Let’s find out.


The biggest battle and controversy surrounding every edition of Fifa 20 hack is the debate on who should be the next star to embrace the cover in the latest version of FIFA. On the global stage, the game has witnessed 2 of the greatest and most consistent stars that the game has ever witnessed in history- Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The duo between themselves have bagged the Ballon d’Or for a decade with both bagging the best player in the world award 5 times each and so it is always fair to assume that one of the 2 superstars shall feature on the cover of the FIFA gaming franchise and until the 2019 version of the same, this was the trend.

But FIFA20 snatches the honor from the greatest players of the game. This time around, not one, but 3 players make the cover photo but not together. Fifa 20 coin generator comes in 3 different editions- the Ultimate Edition, the Standard Edition, and the Champions Edition. One of the greatest players and managers of modern football- Zinedine Zidane features on the cover of the Ultimate Edition, Real Madrid’s latest and one of the most expensive Galactico- Eden Hazard features on the Standard Edition, and the world’s most expensive defender and the big leader of Liverpool FC- Virgil Van Dijk features on the Champions Edition.


Ever since FIFA 15, the wait for the next edition grows too much for it was with FIFA 15 that EA decided to stray away from its mainstream career and manager modes and introduce a new concept of Ultimate Team (FUT) and since then hasn’t looked behind. Every new version since then has packed something new with it and FIFA 20 is no different from that trend. Apart from career mode, manager mode, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Kick-Off, Tournaments, Champions League, FIFA 20 introduces a new mode called VOLTA football which is nothing but street-style Futsal. For a better image, you remember how in the Journey mode of FIFA 18 we saw Alex Hunter and Dany Williams walking the streets of Brazil and having a casual game of football with no goalkeeper? That’s exactly what the Volta mode is- a match of football with either 3, 4, or 5 players on either side with no goalkeepers to defend the sticks. Apart from this, you can also play professional Futsal matched in the stadium of your choice in the Volta mode.

For those of you wondering about the journey mode and its beloved protagonist Alex Hunter, then to your disappointment, Alex Hunter witnesses an early retirement after his previous years’ quest for a Champions League medal.


FIFA has made incremental improvements in its graphics over the years, so don’t be worried much about the realism that the game brings with it. As far as the gameplay is concerned, EA brings about noticeable changes in the following segments of the game:

- AI defending has been brought down significantly allowing for players to do the defending manually and have more control over what they are doing (a problem faced in previous versions).

- One-on-one situations with the goalkeeper have been made less frustrating by improving the shooting and composure of the shot taker to make it more realistic. By realistic, it means, that everything from shooting to crossing has been made less accurate and more unpredictable to give you the chance to improve your controls.

- Passing also witnesses some tweaks. Direct passes have been made more accurate while vertical passes and first-time balls have been made less effective and easier to intercept as is the case in real games.

All in all, with a lot of adjustments to its gameplay that takes realism to whole other levels, FIFA 20 is bound to be yet another success story in the franchise. The rating system of the game is a little confusing in some places, but other than that, FIFA is set to take the center-stage and prepared to make the world go ‘WOW’ yet again!

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